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Full Service Auto Repair:
Full service means one thing, we work on everything.  If there's any question feel free to call ahead and we will set you up with an appointment.  Below is a listing of the many repairs we handle on a daily basis, which in no way includes everything we do at John Pierce Auto Care.  If the rare occasion happens that you have a problem that we can't repair at our shop, then John and Steve have the best reputation with other small business owners in the area and we can advise you who can help!!!!

We install top of the line Federated SST brakes.  The only thing more important than going, is stopping and with quality brake parts and quality service you are guaranteed safety.  When we say brake job, we don't mean put a set of the cheapest pads we can buy on your vehicle and send you back out the door.  Our technicians do a quality repair by checking hardware, calipers, hoses, and rotors.  Our technicians take the extra time to make sure to clean and lube the caliper slides and even put a coat of brake disc quiet to make sure there's little chance of noise after the repair.  We have top of the line brake lathes to machine your rotors and drums back to a clean finish, and if they are close or below spec, then we have a full line of rotors in stock or locally available.

Feel your vehicle pull to the left or right, notice your steering wheel is not straight anymore, or notice your tires wearing improperly, then it may be time to stop at John Pierce Auto Care for an alignment.  We use a Hunter brand alignment machine and John Pierce himself still performs almost every alignment.  He will check your front end and steering and make sure there are no problems before aligning the vehicle.  An alignment has to be done anytime you work on the suspension or steering, so even if you do your own work, bring it to us to finish the job.

We install top of the line Moog suspension products.  Moog offers a lifetime warranty against defect.  If you hear a clunk, rattle, or something just doesn't feel right in the steering or while turning, give us a call.  Most times you'll be told to stop by as soon as it is convenient so John or Steve can go for a ride with you and decide if there is something dangerous, or something that can be driven on until the next appointment.  Also we offer an economy second line of suspension parts with a one year warranty for those times when safety is paramount, but maybe finances dictate a lower cost need.

Oil Changes: 

John Pierce Auto Care proudly uses

Oil Change is a word that is taken a little too literally in today's society.  Most places offer an oil change, and that's what you get, a new filter and new oil, and typically not of the highest quality.  At John Pierce Auto Care we still believe in the traditional 'Lube Oil and Filter'.  We lube any suspension parts that are equipped with fittings for grease, we check the tires, check and top off all the fluids, check your air filter, cabin air filter, look at the condition of your fuel filter, and then change the oil and filter with only quality Pennzoil oil and filter.  We also feature Wix filters and several grades of synthetic, including but not limited to  GM Dexos Mobil 1 and Pentosin (for our European cars).  If there's an oil or filter you prefer, just let us know and we'll do everything in our power to acquire them for you.  You won't find that at your typical oil change place!!!!

Air Conditioning: 
One of the finest luxuries most modern cars come with as standard equipment, A/C.  What do you do when your A/C isn't blowing as cold as it used to?  A/C systems depend on a refrigerant to keep the vehicle cool.  This is frequently refered to as 'freon' but in most vehicles it is currently 'R134a'.  The first step to checking your A/C system is to evacuate and recharge the system, in which we set up our equipment to remove anything that's currently in the system and record it.  Then we bring down a vacuum on the system to check for leaks to see if your system will hold refrigerant if we put some back in.  After that we recharge the system with refrigerant and dye.  Using a special light and goggles, and also a refrigerant detector, we go over the system and check for leaks.  If none are found and the air conditioning system is blowing cold again, we will advise you to return in two weeks so we can double check for any leaks.  Then if there is another problem, even as much as a full A/C compressor replacement, we have techinicians certified to work on your air conditioning.

Computer Diagnostics: 
There are few things more frustrating than one of those little lights coming on on your dash.  No matter what the light is John Pierce Auto Care is equipped with the latest in diagnostic equipment and the highest decorated ASE technicians.  From ABS systems, to air bag systems, to check engine/service engine lights, tire pressure monitors, no matter what it is, we have the means to diagnose your vehicles problems.  If one of those pesky lights come on, give us a call, more times than not, we will tell you to stop by so we can see what system the light is in reference to, and then set you up with an appointment to get it resolved.

How do you keep your investment in top shape for years to come?  Maintenance!!!  From flushes to inspections, and even just those 60k or 100k maintenance schedules we can take care of that for you.  Did your vehicle come with a book of required maintenance that has to be performed for your warranty?  Bring it to us, and we can do those maintenance repairs.  You don't have to go to the dealer!

John Pierce Auto Care does tires too.  If you think you need tires, we can advise you whether you need two or four and then advise you what we consider the best tire for your specific vehicle and your specific needs.  Typically we install Bridgestone/Firestone tires, but we have availability for all major brands, and even some price conscience brands.

Think you're having a problem with your transmission, come by and let us take it for a test drive.  It's possible that your transmission just needs serviced or flushed or the fluid topped off.  If it becomes a bigger problem than that, we do not service the internal transmission.  However, we do have a deal set up with AAMCO of Huber Heights to get your transmission mission taken care of.  We will even deliver and pick it up from AAMCO so you're only doing business with us, the ones you trust.  AAMCO offers a nationwide warranty, which is a nice benefit.  We do so much business with them, they give us a special price and you will actually save money more times than not by having us do it for you.

The first step to driving is your electrical system.  If your vehicle doesn't start, then you're not going anywhere.  We install Interstate batteries, and we also have Lifetime warranty alternators and starters.  If your vehicle won't crank over, there's a good chance that one of these are the culprit.  We will check your starting and charging system, replace the failed part, then recheck the system again to assure there will be no problems in the near future.

From windshields, to window glass, to the components that make them move, John Pierce Auto Care can take care of it all.


One of the most tragic things that can happen to your vehicle is the need for an engine replacement.  Just because your engine has failed doesn't mean that it's time to junk your car.  John Pierce Auto Care uses Jasper Engines.  Jasper is a well known company in the industry and it's no surprise why.  Jasper typically updates their remanufactured engines to correct common flaws with the original unit.  When Jasper sends us an engine, they send it with a complete parts kit to replace all of the components associated with maintaining your new engine so there are rarely any complications after the repair.  This is how they can offer the industry's best warranty at 3 years/100,000 miles!  The warranty not only covers their engine, but it also covers everything in the parts kit as well.  3 years and 100,000 miles is better than most car manufactures offer!.

 Not everyone can afford a remanufactured engine and John Pierce Auto Care also has an option for used engines.  All our used engines are ran before hand to verify they are good, and most times for a little extra there is a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty available for parts and labor.