Roadside Assitance:

Another thing we hope you will never have to use, but it gives our customer's a little more security.  For six months after any repair at John Pierce Auto care, roadside assistance is offered free of charge.  Federated offers this to us for being one of their biggest customers to help our customers.  No matter what service was done, they will offer many helpful things.  They will bring you gas, get you in your car if you're locked out, help you with a tow, a jumpstart, etc.  If there are any questions make sure to call us to find out more, or just click on the link below and the helpful people at Federated will get you going again.

Roadside Assistance
John Pierce Auto Care, Inc
808 S. Central Ave.
Fairborn, OH 45324
(937) 878-3601
(937) 878-3605